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Our Beginning

The idea of AvenueBlack began in 2019. At first, owner Ranelle had a vision to host small, personal events, but after falling in love with an old, vacant building in the heart of Fincastle, she decided to transform the space into a boutique. The picturesque windows lining the front of the building filled the space with beautiful, natural light, which evoked feelings of joy, comfort and inspiration for Ranelle. She knew she could transform the old building into a space where people can gather, shop, meet others, encourage one another and grow together.

Our Inspiration

Ranelle’s love for Fincastle motivated her to build something greater for the community. She wanted to see more commerce in the town, and also, a welcoming space that made people feel right at home. 


Born and raised in Fincastle, Ranelle has been a stay-at-home mom for 16 years with her three children: James, Bella and Berkeley. Ranelle has never shied away from embracing the small-town mindset and bringing to life all the wonderful benefits of having a close-knit community. 


AvenueBlack has been a long journey of love. We hope it reaches the community and touches you as much as it has Ranelle.

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